Family Matters Investigations

Family Matters Investigations encompass many areas under the heading of Family Law

Divorce Evidence Access -Supervision
Pre-Marital  Access Hand Over
Teen and Young Adult Activities Anti-Stalking & Harassment

Rates for:

• Divorce – • Pre-Martial – • Teen – • Anti-Stalking – • Accesss Hand Over


As of January 31, 2019, rates for these services will be set by our associates who will be assigned your file.

GWIG LTD.  will no longer be conducting Investigations or Surveillance after 38 years in the profession. Thank you for your support over the almost 4 decades


With the change in the Canada Divorce Act, matrimonial surveillance dropped by over 80%. This does not mean that a Spouse no longer needs this type of service, but more so, it has defined the need from what used to be a very broad request.

Family Law matters can be very time intensive. The most common direct request from a spouse usually comes under the heading of “I NEED TO KNOW”. The spouse has a suspicion that something is not quite right, but they don’t know for sure.

Rather than taking a big leap and speaking to a lawyer, they request that a firm such as Golden West Investigative Group Ltd., take a discrete look at the OUTSIDE THE HOME activities of their counterpart to ascertain if there are any grounds to their “ill feeling”, or, is there another legitimate reason for the un-explained scenarios.-“If in doubt, check it out”

As we said, Divorce evidence surveillance is seldom requested in British Columbia since the inception of Section 8 (2a) of the Canada Divorce Act, but, from time to time, a client may request a “PEACE OF MIND” surveillance before making a hasty change in their lives.

Family law surveillance is also used when a child is with one parent and the Visiting parent feels that the well being of the child is not being looked after in a safe an appropriate manner.- Is the child being transported in a safe manner. – Are there outside influences that could be detrimental to the well being and safety of the child. – Is the child being afforded enough appropriate time to interact with others to help mould his / her well being and growth…and the list goes on.

With the guidance of your lawyer, this method is also used to document activities of a parent or relatives spending time with a child as part of a supervised access agreement. In the past, our investigators have even been appointed by the court to act as the non-partial access supervisor.