Surveillance comes under two distinct type: Overt and Covert

Overt Surveillance:

This method, although not a common request, is primarily used as a part close protection and in counter-surveillance operations. The target ( party being watched) usually knows we are there and quite often is following a pre-determined and scheduled itinerary. It is also used in visible cameras established to document activities within a specific area. Documenting activities on a labour dispute picket line are also covered under this section.

Covert Surveillance:

The most common type of surveillance conducted by Private Investigators. In this type of operation is the investigator’s job to visually follow and observe the target documenting their activities with the use of video camera equipment and covert body cameras. This may entail following in a vehicle, on foot,
on public transit or any combination of these.

Golden West Investigative Group Ltd. has the expertise required to conduct all of the above and in special circumstances, even establish, maintain and monitor web based covert operations capturing activities through static (stationary-placed) covert cameras.

Our Covert Body cameras can be hidden in a pager, a pen, a button or any other modified device connected to a digital recorder.

Our Covert operations are primarily requested by Corporate, Insurance and legal community clients wishing to document the activities of employees who are off work on sick leave, injuries (disability and compensation) or for monitoring outside of the work place activities while on company time. This method is also used to document activities of a parent or relatives spending time with a child as part of a custody access agreement. Divorce evidence surveillance is seldom requested in British Columbia since the inception of Section 8 (2a) of the Canada Divorce Act but from time to time, a client may request a “PEACE OF MIND” surveillance before making a hasty change in their lives.


As of January 31, 2019,  after 38 years in the profession, GWIG LTD.  will no longer be conducting Investigations or Surveillance . All assignment request will be forwarded to long time associates to look after your needs. Thank you for your support over the last almost 4 decades.

We will still be active in Process Serving and GPS TRACKING but will be hanging up the PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS- Business License.