Payment Policy for Investigations

Payments are due upon receipt of invoice.
Unless otherwise specified, all assignments require a retainer before we will begin.

Retainer Requirements

As of October, 2005, our MINIMUM file FEE – retainer- is $750.00 CDN plus GST(5%). Golden West reserves the right to set the retainer amount it feels is appropriate for the assignment requested. Exceptions to the minimum file fee include / but not limited to:
A) Quoted fee for specific requests. (source look up)
B) Process Serving
C) Pre-Arranged assignments and fees to be charged.
D) Any other assignments we make exceptions to at our discretion

Contract / Client Agreement

A signed client agreement is required before a file is opened. The client agreement will clearly indicate the assignment and rates for the same

Family Law Matters

We accept family law matters but only through your Legal Counsel.- No Exception

Payment Method

We accept:
A) Cash
B) Canadian Funds Postal Money Orders
D) E-mail Transfer
E) Company Cheque -file started once the cheque clears
F) Personal Cheque – file started once the cheque clears.

Dispute Resolution

Any need for judicial or mediation services to settle any dispute will be held within the areas of New Westminster, Coquitlam or Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Information from Sources

Unless otherwise stated, we will only guarantee information obtained through sources to be as accurate as they have been provided. This also includes data base searches.

Your satisfaction is our number one concern.

If you have any question regarding our services and / or products, please call: (604)318-8545