Mission Statement


Golden West Investigative Group Ltd has been built over the years based on Professionalism and Integrity – The Back Bone of our Service and Success.

We will take on assignments that we feel will provide a benefit for you, the client. If we do not feel our services will provide the benefit you are expecting, we WILL advise you of the same before taking the assignment request.

Our duty is to collect the FACTS- no matter what the truth / outcome of the matter is. This is what we will provide to you in our final report.

Promises for results cannot and will not be made. Only legal means will ever be used to obtain the information you have requested.

If we do not know the answer, we will say “WE DO NOT KNOW”

If we do not have the resources to collect the facts requested, we will tell you “WE DO NOT HAVE THE MEANS”.

If we feel another Investigator or Investigation firm is better suited to provide you the BEST results for your request, we will suggest you contact them rather than use our investigative team.
Your satisfaction is our number one concern.

For further details, please read our and POLICY statements.


As of January 31, 2019,  after 38 years in the profession, GWIG LTD.  will no longer be conducting Investigations or Surveillance . All assignment request will be forwarded to long time associates to look after your needs. Thank you for your support over the last almost 4 decades.

We will still be active in Process Serving and GPS TRACKING but will be hanging up the PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS- Business License.