– Labor Dispute Management Division –

Providing Labor Dispute Management to the Corporate Sector is a specialty on its own. Golden West has the expertise and experience to provide the service you requires before and during a labor dispute.


What do we do?

Pre-strike Assessment and Planning
On and off-site Security and Protection
On and off-site Video by Professional Investigators
Liaison with your corporate lawyers for preparation of Court Injunctions
Arrange for Strike Transportation, Safe yards and Accommodation as required
VIP and other Management Security
Arrange for vehicles (on and off-site) and drivers as required
Other requirement as required based on the pre-strike Assessment


What do you do?

Manage and carry on business to look after your client with the assistance of non-collective bargaining personal, management and others that are permitted under your local LRB rules. With the advice and expertise of our senior management, many clients have been able to maintain service levels that meet or even exceed pre-disruptions levels.

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